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Hotels, Pubs, Cafes, Restaurants, Golf Clubs

Extend your floorspace

In most cases installing our products does not require a Planning Permission. Utilising Vista Barriera cafe barriers your otherwise unused outdoor space becomes floor space all year round. No mess, no planning permission, no builders, no building site issues no loss of business. Our out-of-box products are easy to install benefiting your establishment with instant additional revenues.

Respectively, Vista Barriera cafe screen systems can be removable, folding, permanently fixed or on wheels.

All year round protection

No matter what season: summer, winter, autumn or spring, opening up your outdoor space is possible with Vista Barriera. Whether it’s in the colder months to keep your customers warm and sheltered, or even in the warmer times so to protect from breeze and noise, allow your customers to escape the indoors.

We take into account that our systems get a lot of use throughout the year. For this reason, all our products are completely waterproof and resistant to water and dirt so your screens will look stunning all year round. These features allow you to focus on your business, while your customers get to enjoy your upgraded outdoor space alfresco way - in style and comfort.

Escape the indoors & increase your revenues

In the UK and Europe, the demand for alfresco dining is on the rise, meaning that more and more customers are choosing to sit outside at various venues. Keep up with the trend by making your outdoor area as comfortable as possible, no matter what weather. Comfortable customers stay longer, and can increase your Business' revenue as a result. By upgrading your outdoor space to a more usable and valuable area, your business can cater for more customers.

Extend your outdoor space, extend your customer base - increase your revenues!

Create ultimate alfresco dining & entertainment space

Look after your customers all year round with one of Vista Barriera systems. Allow your customers to escape the indoors and enjoy the outdoors.